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StarTopic Metroid Prime Remastered |ST| Prime Prophecy Fulfilled


Trust The Process

eShop Links:

I NOW trust the process!

but holy crap, I do wish my favorite Prime 2 got the remaster treatment but the next best one to me is just fine. Wondering if they snuck some easter eggs for 4 in it too.
I've waited this long- I can wait until the 22nd for the physical cart.

So fucking excited for this! Can't wait to read and see peoples' impressions.
I was in disbelief when I saw this during the direct. I was even more in disbelief when I saw "available today". This was amazing to say the least.

Currently fighting the urge to buy it now because I prefer physical, but it looks so good. I'm so used to playing the Trilogy version in all of its glorious 480p that I forgot how much better it could look.
After much mental deliberation on whether to by this physically or digitally, i've come up with a plan. I will buy this digital tomorrow morning when i get paid. Buy the physical on the 22nd...and never, EVER open it!! Fuck you Nintendo! i Win! Mwahaa!
Playing it right now.
How is this classed as a remaster. It looks straight up remade.
And only 39,99? You alright Nintendo? (Not complaining though)
Bonus content

Unlock art created during the development of the original game as well as this remaster, a Soundtrack Gallery, and a 3D Character Gallery.
I wonder if NEStroid and the Fusion Suit are there.
I’ve been replaying this via metroid prime trilogy on Wii U, can’t wait to dive into this remake!!
Is Retro studios credited for the remaster? Who made this? What engine is it running on? How is handheld performance and image quality?
So what's the difference between the control modes?? I only played the original one in gamecube 20 years ago so I don't remember anyhting about how it played
I finished a game earlier this week and was planning to start Fire Emblem as my next thing this weekend. Not anymore! This is easily my favorite shadow drop ever.
The remaster looks like I thought the original looked when I played it as a kid lol

Nah. It’s a pretty cool update
Some things to note from my playthrough:

* Besides the graphics, the number of enemies is bigger than in the original GC version (dunno how it is for the trilogy version). This is noticeable when it comes to the wasps: you get a real swarm of them now.

* There seems to be a bug with the scan visor. I got a message I have 25% of the logbook filled, and I just got the morph ball (pretty sure it would be around 9% in the original).
bought, downloaded, starting tonight. sorry HiFi Rush, you’re gonna be put on hold.

I’ll gonna buy the physical edition too, just because
Currently downloading, and beyond excited. Even made a quick jump over to the store to pick up some snacks, because if I’m going to stay up all night playing Metroid Prime, then I might as well commit to the bit.

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