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I’m very close to the end of Sanctuary Fortress since I’m just missing the middle key. Far and away my favorite level with amazing aesthetics and some of the coolest puzzles and rooms to clear.

Very excited to face off against Quadraxis and maybe wrap up the game next time if I can get another lengthy chunk of time to play.
Great to see a Metroid-focused challenge! Let's take this one game at a time - so starting with Metroid Dread, for:

Artaria Ascent
Dread Domination
Mawkin Militancy

plus Zebesian Zoomer and 1/3 towards Kraid Killer

Kraid Killer




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Well I won’t be beating Metroid Prime 2 tonight anyway. I have all the scans and the keys to the final battle, but I’m missing four missile expansions and have no clue at all where they could be after sweeping every area again. Playing this over a longer period while juggling Pokemon didn’t help compared to my very quick Prime playthrough. Probably going to have to bust out my old Nintendo Power strategy guide.

The Quadraxis battle was very cool and more involved than I remembered. Boost balling up to the head is my favorite part.

Edit: looking at maps in my strategy guide helped immediately. I was actually missing a power bomb too. Two of them I just forgot I had to come back to, the other three items I would have kept skipping over. They weren’t at all where I expected lol. I saved at my ship, so I’m good to go tomorrow. Funny this is exactly how my Prime replay ended with me having to save the final boss for another day.
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I actually have the official Nintendo Power guide for Metroid II that I used for clean up after beating the game, only to learn it is missing 5 or so missile power up because they were too well hidden lol
Loving everyone rocking and rolling in this fantastic event, love reading you all's impressions!

I too will be breaking out my Nintendo Power Metroid Prime 2 Official Player's Guide to make my first entry, super excited to get into the darker cousin of the GOAT PRIME.


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I had a ton of fun 100% completing Metroid Prime 2 Echoes!

Prime 2, especially in Dark Aether, demands much more of you than Prime which I really appreciate even if it slows your approach and can be a bit draining. I mentioned in a prior post, but the more measured pace I took here (15 hours ultimately for Prime 2 versus 10 for Prime) more closely matched my memories of the usual Prime experience which I was happy to experience again. An interesting thing to note is how much it builds off the original Prime. I always noticed the beam cannon appearances were pulled from Prime, but several enemies like the Ing Smashers for example, have direct analogues to Prime (in this case the elite pirates). Still there’s plenty of interesting new enemies and obstacles. The Quad tanks (mini Quadraxis enemies) have a very cool dynamic for example where you have to boost ball into them when they go on a rampage and to ultimately destroy the lower body. The barrier shields in Dark Aether are such a simple concept, yet get great use throughout the game especially as you can charge them with different beams. A few other quick things to note: the morph ball and spider ball get some really great puzzles throughout, juggling ammo is mostly fun, I’m still happy to see the screw attack in 3D, and the final boss fights with the Emperor Ing and Dark Samus were a great finale (was nervous I was going to die on the Emperor Ing, but the annihilator beam helped a ton).

I once again got 100% of scans and 100% of items so that’s every Prime 2 badge @Aurc ! Here are my pictures:



Excited to move right into Metroid Prime 3!


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I started Metroid Prime 3 tonight and completed the extended prologue of sorts. I’m playing on the Trilogy so no dramatic control shift for me, but you can tell this was the game designed for it with much more aggressive enemies. Opening doors and ripping off enemy shields with the grapple lasso is still super fun as are enemies where you lock on, but have to aim for specific weak points. The extended prologue features two big new elements, actual English voice acting and NPCs to talk to! I like this to an extent here as it is a bit dragged out and conversations repeat, but it does make the greater universe feel bigger and does answer yes we could have radio conversations in Metroid games, it works well enough! I do think the start of the game is funny in that it feels like a huge Halo ripoff with the ship getting invaded and Admiral Dane standing in for Lord Hood. Some very cool stuff here though like escaping from the swarm with the morph ball and ejecting and reentering the ship. Once you land on Norion, it starts to feel more Metroid-ish again even though it’s still more cinematic with cutscene interruptions. I’m very curious what Prime 4 will look like on this front.

There was a thread earlier today on the site about the best Switch game boss fights and I picked Raven Beak from Dread. After Aurc made a post saying it was the best in the series, I did start to wonder if that was true since the Meta Ridley fight in Prime wasn’t exactly as great as I remembered. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect fight, but wow I was super happy with the Meta Ridley fight in 3 where he falls with you down the generator shaft. It’s an extremely rad fight conceptually and blasting him back down and preventing him from clawing/chomping on you when he grabs you is super rad. While you do have enough time, the steadily decreasing number adds proper tension. So while Raven Beak might be the best fight in the series, I think this Meta Ridley fight is one of the ones I’d say is more enjoyable. It’s so cool!

I believe this is only my third time playing Prime 3, so I’m very excited to revisit this one. Looking forward to playing more soon!


Bing Bing Wahoo


The bridge down!
Brain evaporated!
And uh.... Uh oh, I had all items by following a guide but I have no idea how to show it in-game, last savefile is the timed challenge so have that and I'll hope it suffices 😅

It was a nice game to play but I have no idea how I would have been able to find all these secrets without a guide but that's the NES era for you.

On to the next one!

I hope we will have a challenge like this for every new Nintendo game that releases, if Non-tendo refuses to do a proper Achievement system I'll follow the Fami route instead and enhance my gaming to the next level that way!

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