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News Mario & Luigi Brothership announced for Nintendo Switch, coming November 7th

N 2 Deep

Releases November 7, 2024


love the box art

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Looks really good!

Please don't use M&L existing as a reason to not unfuck Paper Mario pls

Mario and Luigi is back and it's WEIRD AS HELL

This was a pleasant surprise! I’m dying to know who the dev is. It looks good even if M&L isn’t my preferred style for Mario RPGs.
Ah I missed the beginning of the direct and got spoiled on this XD I'll be watching this at the end of the direct!!! But I am already excited!!!!!
Yoooooooo!!!!! This is just what I wanted!!!!! I didn’t think they’d make a new one for ages! Let alone with a battle system like this again!!!! Yaaaaahooooo!!!!!
I'm really confused by all of the people saying they couldn't tell if this was a remake or a new game. Especially those saying that it looks just like Superstar Sega's levels... Like...have people forgotten what the GBA, DS, and 3DS levels were like?
I never ever expected they would revive one of my favorite series, I had already given up hope and became a husk, now they give me this. And that... And that... WHAT A DIRECT
I mean AD did not have a monopoly on M&L so it makes sense that Nintendo would be shopping around for a dev especially if there was someone vouching for it.
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So glad we got The Thousand Year Door remake this year because Paper Mario fans were about to be super annoying about this game’s existence.
This is one of my favourite reveals from the Direct. Between SMRPG, TTYD, and Brothership, Mario RPGs are SO BACK
I am still in utter shock over this announcement. This series was supposed to be dead and yet here we are getting a brand new game. Day 1 for me.
Also, I really dig the artstyle. It feels like a fantastic realization of the series’ design in HD.
who the fuck is making this? did Alpha Dream come back from the dead? are the old leads coming back?

my mind is so full of fuck
Love the style. This transfer to 3D is what the series needed like a decade ago, if it wanted to stay alive.
Honestly the biggest announcement the Direct. Like ok sure Prime 4 finally got shown, but we knew that game existed. Nintendo bringing back a dead series from a developer that went bankrupt, while still staying true to its original style? Insane.
this was actually the biggest surprise for me in the direct. I really thought with alpha dream gone, that the Mario and Luigi series was gone, but here we are, and man does it look gorgeous. This is a day one game for me.

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