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TV Inside Job: Part 2 | Premieres November 18 (Update: Netflix cancels the show)


Chain Chomp

Anyone else watched this? I loved the first part, I was worried they'd cancel the show but a second season has been also confirmed.
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Nice! I watched the whole first season in one go during a (looong) flight, so it's a bit of a blur, but I had a good time with it. Will likely check this out on my next flight lol.

Inside Job is cancelled. I developed a pretty strong attachement to this show, especially with Regean and Brett, I legit feel very bad right now...

It's cool to see the cancellation was trending on Twitter with about 23k people on it. Hopefully there are enough fans that will show vocal support for this show.

It's pretty dang good and I absolutely love Reagan and Brett. It's wild that this show gets canned after 1 season all while Chicago Party Aunt got 2 seasons and possibly more or Big Mouth with 6 seasons and it's spinoff show.

The show was one of their best adult animated shows. I can't imagine what this may mean for Dead End Park which is nowhere near the same level of popularity as Inside Job. Fuck Netflix metrics man, this really hurts. I hope Adult Swim saves this show, it's definitely worth saving.
I only have Netflix for the wifey, so Netflix and this show is whatever.

My advice, especially if cancellations bother you, is to watch old shows on other services. I never watch anything that's still in production and isn't already huge. I discovered Tuca and Birdie after it was cancelled, was amazing to consume as a fully bookended statement. No gnashing of the teeth involved.

All streaming is in full downsizing mode, plan accordingly.

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