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News [IGN] Layoffs at Sega Europe, Creative Assembly and Hardlight, ~240 jobs affected


Observing the process

Sega Europe boss Jurgen Post sent staff an email this morning notifying them of the cuts, as well as the sale of Company of Heroes and Dawn of War developer Relic Entertainment. The layoffs affect approximately 240 roles across Sega Europe, Creative Assembly, and a “small number” at Hardlight. Football Manager developer Sports Interactive and Two Point Hospital developer Two Point Studios, also owned by Sega Europe, were not mentioned.

Sega did not disclose how many staff at each studio were affected, but did issue IGN an additional update on the status of Creative Assembly's upcoming projects: "Creative Assembly continues to have multiple projects in development with Total War and a new unannounced project.”

Post said the sale of Relic had been agreed and the studio is transitioning to become independently run, which means it is no longer part of Sega. “Sega is working closely with Relic on this shift, and we wish them the best for the future,” Post said.

Relic issued a statement of its own, saying it had become independent with the help of an unnamed external investor. It added that work on updating real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 3 continues, and indeed it will continue to support its games.
I always thought Sega of Europe was the more valuable of the international SEGA's.

But well, more bloody layoffs. Light a candle on the cake of mediocrity.
Always the way. Management rarely feels layers of management should pay the price for the consequences of mismanagement.

It was actually incredible a few months ago when a Sega stockholder at the public Q&A was like

"Uhh, so Hyenas a total disaster... Are you guys still doing Super Game?"


They didn't elaborate at all, just said they were going to keep making Super Game.

Just no reflection whatsoever. No possibility that they're misreading the market and heading for another catastrophe. Just extreme defensiveness.
Out: Buying studios just because they're there to be bought
In: Selling those same studios or just letting them go independent

Thank goodness the executives at least are always safe, imagine if these big companies didn't have this kind of rock solid leadership to guide them

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