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Discussion How "all in" will you be with Switch 2...?

I was already all-in on the Switch once Sony pulled out of the handheld business and I don't see that changing with the Switch 2. Not to mention I don't own a TV and nothing on the other platforms really strikes my interest.
I know there's stuff I'll miss out on but like I said, with my career and family it's not like I have infinite gaming time...the Switch just fits me so well.

Anyways, I was just curious if anyone else was in the same boat or what everyone thought.
Pretty much this.

When I was 20 I had wii, ps3, Xbox 360 and a NDS…. And more time and more money to spend :D

Now switch is perfect and honestly I’ve never been happier with my gaming.

Best Nintendo console ever + a family to share the fun ✨

Switch 2 hopefully will be the same or even better, I don’t need other consoles.
Always all in with Nintendo consoles. Some Xbox, playstation gaming and a good amount of PC.

It's just I always genuinely enjoyed Nintendo's software substantially more than any other.

I genuinely found most triple A games of other studios overrated minus exceptions of course.

Great indie support only makes it easier to be all in with the switch
According to the end of year review, I used my Switch 10x more than my PS5 in 2023 lmao

I'm mostly over the AAAAA game and Playstation's exclusives just don't do it for me the way they used to. I'm already at the point where I'm choosing to buy high quality 3rd party ports on Switch over my PS5. I'm not a whiny gamer allergic to 30FPS or 1080p. Hell, I've been hesitant to even buy games on PS5 lately because I'm convinced a lot of them will either be ported to the Switch 2 or have a Switch 2 patch later. To say that Playstation has been losing me for the past few years is an understatement at this point. At this point I'm rooting for Square/Sega to throw in all the big Final Fantasy games and the Yakuza series on the Switch 2 so I can just ditch Playstation for good lol
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The Switch has been my main console since it released and the Switch 2 will likely be the same.

I will say that recently I have been playing a lot more on my Steam Deck and that I'm warming up to the idea of purchasing more of my indie content on Steam, as opposed to Nintendo's ecosystem. The Steam Families feature goes way beyond what consoles are doing in terms of family sharing and is really appealing as someone with multiple kids and multiple switches.
I basically only play RPGs and the odd action game these days so I’d probably prefer the switch generally.

If MH wilds does come to switch 2, it’s gonna be really hard picking between it and the ps5.
I never ever hear about "secondary consoles" outside of hardcore gaming forums, I dunno why people pretend it's a common thing lol.

In any case, just like Switch 1, Switch 2 will be my only console. Depending on how BC works I may have to still play my Switch 1 occasionally, just like I do my 3DS.
I already mainly play on Nintendo Switch and I expect that to continue, but honestly, I don't know where my habits will be. At present I'm seriously considering picking up the PS5 Pro and the next Xbox, and presumably then I'd be up to getting PS6 near launch, keeping a full stable of the best of the best but.

Will I? Will I bother? When most of the games I want already come to Nintendo Switch, and the successor likely to get even more from third parties, the question for me becomes why get the others? I mainly use my PS5, when I use it at all, for PS4 games. I want to keep my Series X as it's likely the last Xbox with a disk slot built in. Being realistic, since I plan to get Switch 2 anyway, I'll probably stick to that and hold off on the other consoles until there's a game that neither can handle... And by that time, there's no guarantee I haven't gone back to PC!

Truthfully, if I had all the money in the world, I'd just get every upgrade and update to every console, but my library and attention will almost certainly be primarily on Nintendo Switch. Like. Most Xbox Series X games I own or play with Game Pass. They have Switch versions. I play them on Xbox because they're cheaper and perform better.

So I guess the answer is yeah, but I'll be getting the other consoles too as they cycle in, most likely.
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I will keep buying third party games on PS4 and PC due to trophies and achievements.
Yes, that's literally the main reason keeping me away from having Switch as my only console.
It will be one of 4 gaming systems. Just like the Switch before it. Can't see myself nit owning everything always 🙂
I'm already all in on Switch; I travel a lot because of my job, so the time I could potentially dedicate to a traditional home console is pretty low.

In that regard, I don't expect things to change much by the time Switch 2 comes out.
I think a crucial element here is purchasing power. Depending on your means you may or may not have multiple consoles for example. As a Nintendo fan like just about everyone here, I always want to prioritize Nintendo. Now, another thing that matters is the price of the games. Not only is it increasing globally, but dematerialization is challenging the opportunity market.

All these elements made the Game Pass very attractive at one time. The thing is that with its hybrid character, I can spend time on my switch as well at home as moving, and so even more than my love for Nintendo licenses, this element is essential in the fact that I decided to prioritize the switch on other consoles in the future.

However the launch price of the switch 2 will be important for me because if it is too high I think it is possible that I wait a little, knowing that many games will still be released on switch 1 and I also have my xbox series S.
I pretty much only need 3D Mario and solid Backward compatibility and I’m pretty much all in.

Like if the next 3D Mario has a similar cultural and ,,awe’’ like breath of the Wild, I’ll be extremely happy.
We will be there Day 0, buying 10 as soon as it is announced.

Who needs a Playstation 4 Pro Pro Pro when you have the Nintendo Switch 2?
Depends on a number of factors. Like truth be told my favorite PS5 feature is being able to record up to the past hour of gameplay. Super convenient for my own YouTube channel.

And I am a shameless achievement/trophy hoarder. Got 100+ plats and like 113,000 gamerscore.

These 2 bullet points in particular have led to choose PlayStation over Switch for some games and sometimes I lament missing out on the platinum trophy for games I did get on Switch. (IR Crisis Core and Lego titles).

Plus I remain skeptical of Switch 2 actually getting equal 3rd party support as the other systems. 3rd parties always have a way of being weird with Nintendo consoles. Especially EA.
I’ll be all in for life when Hades 2 and Slay the Spire 2 drop.

Hope they’re great like the first entries. Got ton of hours on them
I've barely used my series X since Elden Ring -
I sold my PS4

The Switch form factor and library is just so much up my alley so I'm there day 1 and all in.
Hybrid aspect really changed how I view and play video games.
I'm done fooling myself - I only have time for one console these days, and even then there are going to be tons of games that I never get to play.

So yeah - I'll probably be all-in on the Switch 2.

Yep, this is where I am. I just don't have the time for everything like I used to. I still have a very good gaming PC and a PS5, but the # of items I buy and play on them is low. There will always be releases for both of them that I want though.

In the end, all in on Switch 2, cannot wait.
Switch is already my main console with PS5 being very tertiary for the odd game I'm interested that's not on Switch or has truly awful performance. But the release cadence of those is less and less and with Switch 2 being an upgrade I could see me foregoing using the PS5 entirely.
More info needed, I think. For starters, I gotta to see how the eshop will function going forward. I think expectations are for a unified "Switch Family of Systems" eshop, but we still have to cross that bridge. And then for me personally, I need to see the majority of Switch 2 games running at 60fps. I need that bare minimum.

If both of those bullet points are dashed through, then I could see myself going all in on the Switch 2. It sure would be funny to see myself return to buying everything for a Nintendo home console, GameCube style 😎
My only current console is a Nintendo Switch.

I don’t see much going on with the PlayStation and XBOX brands that warrants me splitting up my time and money to invest into those platforms. The PS5 has had a very stale generation and XBOX as well. There’s really nothing on either of those systems that makes me want to purchase their consoles…. and they launched in 2020. This may change with GTA VI however…

I have a wife and small children, so it’s not like I can spend hours playing games and spending money freely left and right. With Nintendo I know 100% if I purchase their games I’m guaranteed a polished and good experience day 1 release given the money spent.

I can’t say that for the vast majority of ”modern” games these days.
Im a single man im 26 so I have alot of Free time to game and even I didint enjoy the PS5. I actually had one for a couple years but I sold it because nothing really ground breaking came out for it. Its definitely a far cry from the ps3 and ps2 days. Your not missing much.

I have a top of the line gaming pc with a 4k monitor but I even hardly use that I usually just play switch games
Depends on what third parties it actually gets. If it doesn’t get Yakuza, it can’t be my main machine at this point
I recently officially bid farewell to really being a Playstation / Xbox gamer at all by getting a Steam Deck. Between that and Switch / Switch 2 I have far more than I could ever play. I still have my PS5 and will pick up the occasional exclusive there in the future that might interest me (hypothetical Astrobot or Ghost of Tsushima 2) but I expect a lot of those even will start coming to Steam Deck day and date soon.
This is where i am ahead. I am buying for years games i want to play on my Super Switch, because they run like shit on my og Switch.

If i am lucky, Konami might be done patching the Metal Gear Solid: Mustard Collection. 🙃
I've been "all in" on handhelds for like more than 30 years now! I'll continue to do what I always do with the successor.

My play time will probably be 85% successor and 15% PS5 with PS Portal.
The Steam Families feature goes way beyond what consoles are doing in terms of family sharing and is really appealing as someone with multiple kids and multiple switches.
Family sharing is great.

However, I really appreciate Nintendo's profile system of isolating save data between different users, and not requiring Nintendo accounts to make new ones. Has made it really easy for family and guests to play the same game without disrupting saves.
I guess you'd say I was all-in with Switch but based on the rumors I'm going to stepping all the way out with Switch 2

that said I'll buy it whenever they put an Animal Crossing or Pikmin game on it
While very likely my main gaming platform, it won't be the only one. I'll also continue playing on PC because sometimes I like more bells and whistles. But for certain games, it will be Switch 2 even if toned down. Portability is just too good - I'm looking at you, Monster Hunter!
I own a Switch and XSX. I will probably get a PS5 at some point. Switch is my primary console now and, when Switch 2 drops, it will be the new king in my household, no question.
I don't have any interest on what Microsoft and especially Sony are publishing.. their systems have nothing of worth to me. The very rare instance of a 3rd Party game that I get interested, they usually come to Switch, even if a year late or so.

If the Switch 2 continues on the same pace, nothing will change to me. I don't see myself ever getting a PS5 or a Xbox Series. And PC for me is just when there's no other option (usually Indies that refuse to come to consoles)

with that said, I'm probably not getting a Switch 2 until a year into the system's life. I'm not financially prepared for that. :|
The switch is officially one of the highest selling consoles of all of history. Anyone who says it's only complimentary are on huge opium. It just statistically makes no sense
The Switch already is my main gaming device, as were all the portable consoles before it. The handheld format just fits into my lifestyle better. I simply would not be gaming as much if I did not have the ability to take my games on the go. So yeah, I guess I'm "all-in" on Switch 2.
The more JRPG's that release on both, the more my focus will be on Switch than PS5, along with the usual string of Nintendo games.

That saying, while I'm not the biggest fan of Sony's usual offerings since the PS3 generation ended, so long as Insomniac continues to create fantastic Spider-Man games, I'll probably buy a Playstation console as a secondary device.
I always get all three boxes, but assuming it is Switch 2, ie the same thing but better, I see no reason why it won’t generally be my main system like Switch before it.
I've been using my Switch and PC as my only gaming platforms for the last 7 years and it's worked well!
Very rarely do you see it as someone's main console or only console if that makes sense.

These kind of sales wouldn't be possible if this was the case. It's my main console btw and I know many others. With my familylife Switch would be perfect console for me even without Nintendo games and I happen to be a fan of most of their games.
never would I want to live without access to a variety of consoles. I am not the kind of person who settles on something just because it’s there and easy to access, I like to play very specific games.

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