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Scrolling fighter, try this if you liked: Streets of Rage, Golden Axe etc
Wulverblade stood out to me due to the setting- it’s about a tribe of Scots fending off the Roman invasion. The usual mix of characters (fast/balanced/heavy) is mixed up by the sheer variety of weapon pickups, including, somewhat gruesomely, enemy heads. It’s a lot of fun and the combat, music and story is a real change of pace from street gangs if you like the genre.
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Does Rain World count as a hidden gem? Because it's fairly well known at this point, but lots of people still haven't played it.

Game Name: Rain World
Genre: 2d platformer / open level explorer
TTIYL: Metroid, Subnautica, Hollow Knight (It's not quite like any of these, I'm just trying to capture the extremely immersive vibe)
For me, it might be the single best game I've ever played. I used to default to Ocarina or Metroid Prime as my answer to "what's your favourite game ever" but now I think it's probably Rain World.

It's like a 2D Metroidvania without ANY ability power-ups, dependent solely on player platforming skill and general intelligence / sense of direction. You play as a fragile white ferret thing and explore a strange, ruined world, racing again and again against a variable timer to find food and shelter before a periodic deluge washes away all living things. The world is massive and fascinating. The art is beautiful. It's highly atmospheric.

Death carries a STEEP penalty in this game, in the form of loss of progress and certain doors locking (for a while). Of course, the wildlife pretty much all wants to eat you (think: killer lizards, birds of prey etc). Said wildlife is procedurally animated and completely unpredictable, which makes the game extremely frustrating but equally fascinating. Sometimes you enter a screen and lizard is just chilling there, and snaps you up. Or maybe it doesn't, maybe it's asleep, or more concerned with a territorial dispute with another lizard. Who knows, it's just chance. Other times you get fairly caught by a lizard, only for it to be attacked by a bird on its way back to its burrow, dropping your half-dead self in the water for another chance.

And when that rain starts to fall and you have no idea where shelter is, and you see all other wildlife start to race to their own shelter, and you realize you're 30 seconds or less away from losing 20 minutes or more of progress, the sense of panic is... intense. If you find that shelter, the sense of elation is... euphoric. To call it immersive is a gross understatement. It's heart-pounding stuff.

You genuinely begin to think like prey if you get deep nto this game, becoming so razor focused on avoiding any and all danger to the point that making progress is actually hard. But eventually, you do make progress. And start to learn the secrets of the map. And then you start to wonder: what if that little ferret was able to think like you?

Despite its simplicity, I've put over 60 hours into it on Switch. Half those hours were spent making zero progress and wanting to hurl my Switch a wall. The other half were spent pretty much in awe. It's a masterpiece.

EDIT: And I have one piece of advice. Do like I did, and go in blind, and do not use a guide. If you are the type of person who will immediately turn to a guide if you get lost, this is not the game for you.
Wow, that's some high praise. I was considering buying it some weeks ago but then saw the game got really bad reviews so didn't get it in the end, it definitely sounds intriguing going by your description though.

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