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Discussion Happy Thanksgiving AmeriFami!


Don't Forget Me
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope that you have an absurdly fantastic holiday.

I got a lot to be thankful for, though things are tough right now. Just caught covid :( and it has been awful. Luckily, my wife also caught it, but she isn't doing too awful. At least we get to hang out together though! Also got Mario Party Superstars for $30, going to definitely play that while we are sick, along with Pokémon of course.

Since we can't visit family, just got some groceries delivered. I am going to make some incredible food.

Soooo. Feel free to post your amazing meals in this thread too!


Piranha Plant
No amazing meals, our family's cook was elsewhere, as my sister when to her finance's. My brothers family has COVID and just found out today, taking the SO and mom out to eat. Still love his holiday, even more than Christmas (a holiday about which I have many uncharitable thoughts.) It hasn't been the same without my dad and this is the third thanksgiving without him but still enjoy the holiday and food.

To next year being the Thanksgiving we all want and Happy Thanksgiving to all. Going to make the best of my time off.


Happy Thanksgiving and sorry to hear you have to spend it sick. But it’s good you and your wife are making the best of it at least!

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