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News Grasshopper Direct Airs June 14, Shadows of the Damned is getting a remaster

big lantern ghost

the notorious blg

Full story from Game Informer:

After years wallowing in purgatory, 2011's Shadow of the Damned is getting another shot in the limelight via a remaster. On top of that, developer Grasshopper Manufacture is holding its own E3-style presentation next week.

The humorous trailer doesn't reveal any details about the remaster, but we'll likely learn more at the inaugural Grasshopper Direct on June 14. The event celebrates the studios 25th anniversary and kicks off at 9 p.m. PT/12 a.m. ET, so fans in the U.S. will have to brew an extra cup of coffee if they want to catch the event live.
i wonder how drastically this is going to be retooled, considering Suda has been fairly open about the issues he had dealing with Electronic Arts during development. not to mention the fact he literally named the main antagonist of No More Heroes III after EA's CEO during that period.
I'd be pretty shocked if Shadows of the Damned Remastered doesn't come to Switch. Curious to see what else they'll show. A remake of Flower, Sun, and Rain has been talked about for a while I feel. And of course console ports of killer7.
I'd be pretty shocked if Shadows of the Damned Remastered doesn't come to Switch. Curious to see what else they'll show. A remake of Flower, Sun, and Rain has been talked about for a while I feel. And of course console ports of killer7.
Yes yes and yes. I really hope I am playing through Killer7 on my Switch a few days from now
Wow, really. I wasn't expecting Suda to re release THAT one. Unless he drastically changes it.
He's been pretty open about how terrible of an experience it has been for him to see what he had in mind being destroyed by EA and being forced to turn it the way it became.

Hype for the Grasshopper direct though !
As mentionned, Sun Flower and Rain remake has been promised by Suda some times ago.

Also hoping for a Kamui and Midori first person horror game inspired by that NMH3 section 🤞🤞
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I find it both interesting and funny that I didn’t know Suda was unhappy with the game but do know that Tim Rogers worked on it as a level designer lol.

For what it’s worth Suda: I think it’s your best game!

I am officially more excited for the Grasshopper Direct than any other event coming up. Bringing Killer7 or Let it Die to more platforms in particular would be grand. And of course, can’t wait to (hopefully) see what’s next as well!
Its time to take a stroll with your pole again. Garcia fucking Hotspur!

Are we getting new game plus tough, Suda? :3
They couldn’t resist another chance to let us watch demons taste his Big Boner.

(Also thank you to I'm gonna assume @Red Monster for the News tag 🙏)
Suda51 once said that he wanted to put as many of his older games as possible on Switch. This is as good a time as any to make good on that.
So excited for this direct that I played a little of the backward compatible version of Shadows. So good. I took probably 50 captures in as many minutes lol. I hope I'm playing the remaster in a day or two!



Other hopes for the direct:
  • a brand-new project!
  • Killer7 on consoles
  • Wider release for Let it Die with maybe a big juicy update
  • Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked remaster (jk but that would be sick though)
A bunch of nothingness?

Maybe we will have to wait until Nintendo Direct (in January lol)
There is a chance that some of the games have another publisher, Nis America worked on the two Silver Case games, is possible that Nis America is workin on FSR, also I dont think Marvelous will stop collaborating with Suda
PEACH MOMOKO ART ! I love her work !!

That fake ad part in the direct made me quit the video thinking I accidentally launch another video XD
Well, that was amazing lol. Some of those images will live on in my mind alongside “Suda unveiling NMH 3 while blocking the screen” and “Suda sitting on a toilet talking about Shadows of the Damned”

More info would have been nice of course lol. But genius idea. I’ve thought about nothing but Grasshopper for like a week
i can't believe Suda managed to out Devolver the Devolver Direct and actually be good in comparision, at that.

the only issue is that they didn't bother registering any domains or social media for the fake trailers. ".wtf" is actually a legitmate domain extension. so it could work.
Just got around to watching this, loved it haha. Pistol Yakuza and Electric Thunder Tiger 14 are real games right? I need to play them both like yesterday.
Not a lot of information from PAX has come out about this yet, but one interview detailed a few things:

  • New Game+ mode will be implemented.
  • 4 New Costumes: one based on Kurayami Dance, one of Garcia without his jacket, one of a half demon Garcia and one of Eight Hearts from Travis Strikes Again are being worked on.
  • No set release date, but they are hoping to have it out as soon as possible.

  • When Suda had asked about doing a remaster, EA originally wanted it to be Origin exclusive, but now they've been very cooperative with the multiplatform rerelease.
  • "I didn't know what it even meant." - Suda51 on "Big Boner"
Thank you for the concise update @Johnson. Also, extremely appropriate username for someone bearing Shadows of the Damned news! I will buying this literally no matter what, so it's cool to know there's some neat extras like NG+
I love Shadows of the Damned.

Still have my cheapo copy for the press I got through a trade during a website launch haha.

I know it’s not Suda’s favourite game (the development process I mean) but I really liked it.

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