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StarTopic Genshin Impact |ST| Ver. 4.2: To you, 500 years from now (Phase 2 banners available now)

I wish I could still get into this. The horizontal treadmill this game puts you through is too much. I'd rather vertical progression TBH.
Do you mean content progression (leveling characters, doing stuff in the world etc) or actual exploration?
Do you mean content progression (leveling characters, doing stuff in the world etc) or actual exploration?
Exploration is fine. No I meant content progression. It's all horizontal. I have extremely powerful characters. I felt compelled to get some dendro heroes but now it's like...ok I have every element. They don't want to add an endgame besides the spiral abyss either apparently.

I'd argue exploration is really the only reason to play the game anymore for me. The worlds are fun and reminiscent of a puzzle/exploration you find in nintendo games. Curious if they added any complex labyrinth/dungeon type areas. There kinda were some in Sumeru.
I'm happy to announce that after over a year since I started playing, I have finally beat floor 12 of the abyss!




  • Act 5 of the Fontaine Archon Quest
  • New Character Story Quest: Furina
  • New Area

  • New Overworld Boss (Furina Ascension Materials)

  • New Weekly Boss

    • Fungi Fun-tastic Fiesta
    • Graph adversarial Technology experiment
    • Ley Line Overflow

    • quick Start for Weekly Bosses
    • Returning Players Rewards
    • You can Now Choose whether to accept Character Story quest when unlocking them or not
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The woman at the end of the trailer is confirmed to be
Skirk, Childe's master who dissapeared long ago

She looks like she belongs in Honkai Impact. (hell, she even looks like a character from the manga).

I'll probably willtry to pull her. I like her design too much to skip it.

Everything about the demo just fits Furina so well.
Archon trailers always deliver and this is probably the most fun one.
The game awards nominees will be announced next monday. Genshin should get nominated, meaning we'll get 400 primogems. It's unlikely to win due to Honkai star Rail, so no extra 400

also here's a new code


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Dang, that trailer was fantastic. Her kit sounds a bit complicated for me but still very excited to pull for her. Permanent water walking is gonna be sweet.
My rolls went pretty well overall. I had to go to soft-pity for all my 5*s, but I won the 50/50 for Furina and her weapon. I also got Collei's final constellation and C1 Charlotte. Unfortunately, my luck ran out and I lost the 50/50 to Tighnari after trying to go for Furina's constellations. It's not that bad because I still have over 45 rolls left, and I'll have the whole patch to save more rolls before using my guarantee on Navia.

You love to see it

Damn, and especially to have this kind of luck on an archon's banner must feel pretty great. The last time this happened to me was like...two years ago lol
Managed to win the 50/50! First time this happens to me in Genshin. I was ready to farm Primogems before the end, glad I can now take things slowly. (No Charlotte tho, cmon)

My god! Congrats! how many pulls?
This was, shockingly, on my first 10 pull on my 50/50 with my starting pity in the single digits. Just tremendous luck
Done with the Archon Quest and Furina's story quest

Short spoiler-free thoughts: Easily the strongest final act out of all the Archon quests. it concluded beautifuly, tying everything together very well. the last 1.5 hours especially are outstanding. As for Furina, she is now my favourite archon no question.

Furina's Story quest is also great at exploring her character a bit more and also ended beautifuly.

As of now I still think the Sumeru Archon quest is overall better, due to Fontaine's act III & IV being weak, but Fontaine has the better cast of characters, with obviously Furina, Neuvillette and Navia being the standout characters. I still need some time to decide which one is better between the two.

Now for Spoilers
What Furina had to go through for 500 years is nothing short of tragic. Having to act like what people think a God should be an making sure no one doubts you every day for 500 years otherwise everyone will die is hard to do. The sequence where it shows what she did each day and the it jumps to day 18673 was honestly shocking. And the Scene where she cries without even realizing it almost made me tear up.The fact that she endured all that for 500 years made my respect for her increase drastically.

also shocking is that everything that was done by Traveler & co. to have Furina reveal the secret was already part of the prophecy, as well as the prohecy itself and the reason why Fontainians would melt in Primaordial sea water, because they are Oceanids given human form.

Melus and Silver remained chads until the end, A shame that we won't see them again.

I wish Arlecchino had more relevance in the story. Hopefully we see more of her before she releases.

New weekly boos is dissapointing. Visually it's great, but it's too easy. But my good the implications it presents are mindblowing. If the arena inside of it is the Sea of Quanta from Honkai impact I will scream. The connections to Honkai buld up by the quest.

I hoped Skirk would be a bit more relevant in the end, but I guess they don't want to reveal too much for a character set to release so far in the future.

Anyway, great Archon quest, Furina is the GOAT.

Now on to exploring the new region, I still need a ton of Mats to upgrade Furina to lv 90.
My Furina build is pretty ok now. I'll probably still farm for good artifacts to increase her HP and ER so I can use the BP weapon + good Fischl artifacts.
Mihoyo released that cutscene on youtube. Of course, if you haven't finished the latest AQ, don't watch it until you do. For those who finished it though, now you can watch it again in better quality.

Reminder, if you did the recent photography event, go back and talk to Lepine-Pauline to get the new lens that allows you to take pictures in domains.
Genshin won the playstation partner Grand award once again. 800 Primogems will be distributed over the next 4 days (200 every day)

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