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News Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes announced, launching June 24 (UPDATE: new "Adrestian Empire" Trailer, see threadmarks)


I haven't watched any of those videos yet, but going by the portraits Petra's redesign looks amazing. The head accessory really adds a lot.


Darkness within Darkness
Petra is a queen now that head piece truly looks amazing on her game looks amazing just like age of calamity!


I won’t lie, I miss Ferdinand’s glorious post time skip mane but otherwise they’re all looking great.

Really torn on this, I don’t care about Musou games like at all, but on the other hand I’m a massive mark for Three Houses, and the Black Eagles crew in particular.


CrossCode superfan
I'll choose all three or 4, or 5. However many routes there are lol
For me it really depends on how well it's paced on repeat playthroughs. Three Houses' monastery made repeat playthroughs a chore, so even though I did replay the game (which is a rarity for me) on the Golden Deer route, I still haven't gotten to either of Edelgard's routes. Hopefully this being an action-oriented game replays will be a lot smoother, but since it's also bringing back the monastery system, well....who knows

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