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Site Event Famiboards Pride Event

Much love to Suswave, TC and Zellia ❤️

Quick-ish rookie run to minimize frustration. First time 100% Dread since the first time I beat it:
30 tapes = completed every challenge on every level. If there's an easier way to show you got S-K-A-T-E on every level in THPS1, I couldn't find it:
I've recruited Vivian!
Full disclosure: For "#47 Onward," I used my usual Switch profile, but for "Unconscience" I created a new save file so that I could screenshot the post-tutorial cutscene


I pretty much stopped doing these events for personal reasons, but i feel like i should at least participate in this one due to being openly bisexual.
i also noticed the news about 2 of the admins (and SusWave, developer of Grögol Bonanza) dropping out, and i really hope they're doing okay.
Express Yourself (& Capture the Flag)

Tell Me Why probably would have been the most accessible option due to consistently going free during Pride Month, but i had a physical Xbox copy of Life Is Strange 2 lying around for a while. so i decided to go with that game.
my prior experience with the series was completing Before The Storm a few years ago, which i liked. but i found the post-credits scene so upsetting that i've refused to play the original game ever since. i was happy to see the romantic relationship between Chloe & Rachel and was very peeved to learn that LiS1 unavoidably kills Rachel off.

thankfully 2 is a bit better with that, and Arthur & Stanley, bearers of the LGBT flag i took a screenshot of. get a peaceful life after their initial struggles.

Your Best Worst Nightmare

this was something i was always planning to play when it launched, so i didn't really need the badge for encouragement.
while it's not pictured. i ended up getting a total of 38 Insight. with the problem points being that i failed to get 1st place in the inital race, and struggling heavily with the portal mechanics of Nichola's boss fight.

Bisexual Lighting

the Album Arcade is unlocked by finishing the game once, so it wasn't too difficult to get a screenshot of.

So Long, Gay Bowser

Fight Back!


this took a while to decide what game to play that fits the objective, but i was eventually able to find Brawlout. which features the protagonist of Dead Cells (who is described using gender neutral terms, and has a wide variety of body types in their source game.) as a playable character.

Scratching an Itch (& From Queer Creators, with Love)
(direct link to the screenshot, as it's basically a spoiler.)

looking through my Itch library, i found a very unusual game called Pagan: Autogeny. about a fictional abandoned MMO with noticeable LGBT themes. (gender_magick)

i searched through the world, collecting various tarot cards and body parts. before finally finding a torso.
i attached the body parts i grabbed to the torso before leaving the area. which caused a random figure (the one in the screenshot) to appear in the sky alongside light in the shape of the cross, with the screen violently shaking as loud rumbling played in the background, before eventually crashing with a "Martyr remains restrained" error message.

after taking a few moments to process what the hell just happened, researching the game further lead me to discover that i had pretty much gotten the bad ending. with the other routes being using a world card to break the Maytr's restraints, or using a very hidden (as in, literally noclipping out of the world by exploiting a physics bug) tarot card to access a secret maze.

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