• The Super Mario All-Stars Celebration Event has begun! We're commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario All-Stars and the upcoming release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder with Famiboards' biggest event yet. From July 14 to September 14, aim to collect 60 badges or land a place on the High Score Tables - lucky participants will have a chance to win one of a few prizes!
  • Hey Famiboards, Episode 4 of the Famiboards Discussion Club is now live! WestEgg, Irene, and VolcanicDynamo discuss Princess Peach: Showtime, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, F-Zero 99, and the rest of the September Nintendo Direct! Check it out here!

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Nice! Will give it a listen tomorrow! Still bummed there is no RSS so my app gets updated :(
I come back to Famiboards to discover this.

A surprise, but a welcome one, to be sure.
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I like how our “safe bet” predictions for the September direct, Mario Wonder and TotK DLC may have already been taken off the board.
Hey everyone! We’re going to be recording a new episode on Sunday, if you would like to have a question discussed in the next episode, either about the direct or anything in general, please post it here!
In Princess Peach Showtime, what outfit (and associated gameplay mechanics) do you want Princess Peach to wear?
Question: Hey y'all, long time listener, first time asker. What game(s) do you think the Switch 2 will launch with, and what game(s) are you looking forward to the most that can exist thanks to the Switch 2's power?
I never said so but thanks for answering my questions last time! It was fun :).


- What was your favorite part of the Direct/favorite announcement? What stood out the most?

- What do you think this Direct means for the future of the Switch? With the successor on the horizon do you think this was the last Switch-era Direct, or will there be one more?
Nintendo seemingly has another hit in their hand with F-Zero 99. Is there another franchise that you would like to see Nintendo turn into a battle royale?
Yay! Looking forward to the no doubt thirty minute long discussion of the SaGa Emerald Beyond reveal at the Direct.


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