Steam FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is launching October 21st. (compilation of retro horror games)

Krvavi Abadas

Mr. Archivist
for those unaware, this is a classic horror game using a mix of extremely pixelated atari-style graphics, retro text to speech voices, and rotoscoped animations. the unique atmosphere propels it far beyond a typical "haunted video game" type title.
this new release includes the previously available first two chapters, as well as a brand new 3rd installment made specfically for the collection.
if this is your first time checking out the series, the first chapter is completely free to download on, while demos for the other 2 chapters are downloadable through the Steam page for the trilogy.

(BTW, the video description says it's "Coming to PC first", so console ports are probably confirmed for the future?)

afternoon delight

Oh yeah- I've had my eyes on this for quite some time, really psyched to see the final part release! You are totally correct, its art style and design punches way above its class in terms of cool and captivating.

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