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Pre-Release Endless Ocean Luminous — Pre-release Discussion Thread (UPDATE: new "Sounds of the Sea" trailer, see threadmarks)

And, I know, not happening, but Sony absolutely should let Artdink port Aquanauts Holiday: Hidden Memories on PS3 to Switch also:

It's funny that both it and the OG Endless Ocean were rivals at the time, though they never gave it a western release for some reason. Even Natsume had to step in and localize Afrika on PS3. Guess no-one BIT on Aquanauts Holiday.

I've been wanting this game for ages, but the only English version is the Chinese physical release and that one is bloody expensive :(

I'm knee-deep in games at the moment, but I'll be keeping an eye on this one for sure. Never played an EO game before! Seems really neat.
So it seems there will be a range of sizes for the animals in this game, but I've only seen screenshots or clips with fish with the "small" tag, and in the japanese site there is a picture of the encyclopedia info of an animal where the info shows 2 different sizes. I'm assuming small and standard, but I hope there's a "large" variant as well. It would be very epic to find a larger version of an already huge animal like a Basking Shark or a whale.

Also, on a different note, can't wait to learn what the soundtrack will be this time around.
Thanks for the heads up, in for Best Buy. Still, what a bother. Only reason I went with Amazon was that I had a gift card, but I guess full price is perfectly fine to pay for Endless Ocean.
This is mostly anecdotal thing, but there is a chance they are just adjusting or making a new page. Its rare, or at least its hasnt happen to me in a while, so the page maybe be back soon.
I was a hater from the direct but this actually looks fun sadly

LOL, welcome to the fanbase, hopefully. And you've only seen a vibing in the ocean trailer, there's so many other features (some yet unconfirmed but here's hoping).
Genuine questions what the appeal / point of this.
It’s a relaxing game where you explore oceans and catalog hundreds of different fish/sea creatures, either by yourself or with up to 30 people. It’s not going to be for everyone but I’m stoked for it.
Today is Hayley Westenra's 37th birthday, by the way. In celebration of the new game, I wish to the responsible of one of the greatest videogame soundtracks a happy birthday!
Would love if Hayley came back for the new theme. The first impression of LET YOUR ARMS ENFOLD US, THROUGH THE DARK OF NIGHT is probably the biggest reason my memories of EO1 still sit stronger with me than EO2, even if EO2 is objectively the bigger, better game. Hopefully whatever the lyrical music is for Luminous hits as hard.
Endless Ocean 2 is a better game on every single front except for the soundtrack, not to throw shade at Celtic Woman, they're amazing, but if anything, I'd say that it was a step aside in terms of quality rather than forward or backwards. But yes, the first game came in, kicking the door wide open with that bloody amazing cover of 'Prayer' and left (imo) one of the best first impressions ever in a video game ever. Going from that little dolphin loading icon to the sailboat and the speakers blasting that song is without a doubt one of my favourite game memories ever.
Remember when Nintendo allowed MP3 importing in both Endless Ocean and Excite Truck, but removed it in the sequels? Wonder if record companies (or JASPAC) gave them hell for that.

Also how about a download of the original E3 2007 trailer from Nintendo's E3 press kit?

MP3s were a selling point on Xbox 360 back in the day..might be misremembering though since I never owned a 360
MP3s were a selling point on Xbox 360 back in the day..might be misremembering though since I never owned a 360

Yep it was awesome for me. Used to burn CDs with songs on them and rip them to the Xbox 360 HDD and play them in the background. Some games had custom soundtrack support like SSX 2012.

What a time...

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