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Pre-Release Endless Ocean Luminous — Pre-release Discussion Thread (UPDATE: new "Sounds of the Sea" trailer, see threadmarks)

Other games will probably take the attention from this Direct but a new Endless Ocean is manna from heaven, wonderfully relaxing games on the Wii and great that this is a sequel rather than just a remaster
It looks really really bad, no idea why they pushed this out on the Switch 1 instead of waiting for the Switch 2, the hardware seems like it's screaming.
Oooooo…. I picked the first two off eBay last year for dirt cheap. Haven’t gotten around to them yet but it’s nice to see the series is continuing if I like them.
I really hope this isn't some kind of roguelike like the trailer seems to say and that we get remasters of the first two as well. Approaching this with cautious optimism
I've always wanted to play the Endless Ocean games. Maybe this will be a good jumping off point.
For sure the game of the show for me, but I really hope this has an upgrade patch to Switch 2 already planned.
It would profit a lot by it.
I want to say that Endless Ocean should have been worked on as a graphical showcase game for the Switch 2... but the original games were on the Wii, so whatever. Not my thing, but glad EO fans got a new game.
Oh man. Always wanted to try this game on Wii, never bought it, and have regretted it since. Not missing it this time!
I... is there a story mode, though? Is it just the diving? I want some kind of structure. It looks fantastic in terms of "Being A New Endless Ocean Game," but I'm still not totally clear.
This is going to be SO good! Can't wait to chill out with all those funny fish. I can't believe it's a new game too, I thought it would be a HD version of one of the Wii ones! Perfect way to end the Direct, so excited for this!
This sounds fantastic to me.
The huge number of species, the social exploration, the fact that the areas you explore seem to change (as long as it isn't too procedural)

They really made a new Endless Ocean in 2024. It's official, there's no such thing as a Nintendo IP that's "too dead/irrelevant"

Might check this out. Not that interested in multiplayer, but I'm in something of a roguelite era right now and the idea of a constantly-changing sea is intriguing
I... is there a story mode, though? Is it just the diving? I want some kind of structure. It looks fantastic in terms of "Being A New Endless Ocean Game," but I'm still not totally clear.
ESRB info says there's an alcohol reference so maybe grunkle stan finally ditched the orange juice

also does it seem to anyone else like there's no physical release? huge missed opportunity if true
Looks better than I expected, I'll keep an eye on this one. I wonder if this means that LM2 and TTYD are coming after May.
It's a new game. I'm dead.

Could not be more thrilled about this, I didn't think we'd ever see a remake or remaster, let alone a new game in the series 🥲
The implied random generation aspect is probably like Dave the Diver, versus the game being some sort of roguelite.
Was not expecting a new entry! I really figured it would be remakes of 1 and 2…

It looks good! Glad to see legendaries/mythicals are back. The environments look interesting, too. Abyss diving confirmed so I am ready to be spooked.

I am not clear on the structure. It seems it could be roguelike? Which isn’t inherently bad, I think exploring a new sea with changes and different events each time you dive could be neat. Especially if there are story triggers that make certain things appear.

I have a lot of thoughts but for now, I am excited!!!
I'm just pretty shocked at the stuttering and bad visuals. This is a seemingly very ambitious resurrection of Endless Ocean (a series about looking at things) and you don't just... wait until the Switch 2?
I agree that it could have looked better if they'd just waited (and also if they hadn't made the completely unnecessary choice to lean into online elements), but... I've seen many, many Switch games that look much, much worse than this, so I'm surprised to see people acting like this game's an affront to the eyes.
the not knowing what to expect when you swim around is such a great thing when you first play a EO game and it seems like the procedural generation angle is aiming at amplifying that feeling

pretty excited to see how that works out

like they literally are doing something NEW with ENDLESS OCEAN... wtf? how is this real?!
Never played the first two games, this trailer didn't look particularly enthralling. In fact, I thought it was a remaster of the Wii games because it doesn't look very good (which is kind of important in a game like this).

The apparent focus on online multiplayer is a con for me.

I'll wait and see, but that's probably a pass.

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