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News Donkey Kong Country Returns HD announced for Nintendo Switch, coming January 16th, 2025

I remember when this game was announced for the Wii I jumped out of my seat. This time, I can't say I was nearly as excited. Nice to have it, but 2025 and 60 bucks is hard to get hyped over.
Was kind of hoping this existed. I really want to give the 2D Donkey Kong games a shot but I just couldn’t get into the SNES games. Only thing is I hear this game is very hard, which isn’t really my thing. Wonder if we’ll get something like New Funky Mode revealed later.
I can't wait to play the game with regular controls, but 2025 feels so far away. They could have at least updated the graphics and added some extra playable characters. Please don't tell me they're going to charge $60 for this.
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A little bummed out that it isn't a new DKC and tbh I like Tropical Freeze better... but still great to have this on Switch since I only got to play it on 3DS before.
It's easy to downplay DKCR as just the game that led to the greatest platformer of all time in Tropical Freeze, but... it's still one of the greatest platformers of all time. I don't replay many games, ever, but I'll make an exception for this classic.
I've tried to get into the 3DS version multiple times but it's rough, and I don't have access to the Wii version so this is an easy buy for me and something I've been hoping for for a while

I do wish it came out this year though, could have been 3 weeks before Zelda I'd say
I know we all wanted a brand new game, but this was an awesome announcement for me. It means we have every single DKC game available on the Switch now, and if you ask me, DKCR is one of the best of them. Sure, Tropical Freeze is better, but DKCR's got the edge in classic vibes if you dig that. I'll be all over this one - one of the best Wii and platforming games I ever played.
It's a great game, but it kinda kills my hope for a new DK anytime soon. Well, happy for the folks who get to experience a GOAT tier platformer for the first time
Was kind of hoping this existed. I really want to give the 2D Donkey Kong games a shot but I just couldn’t get into the SNES games. Only thing is I hear this game is very hard, which isn’t really my thing. Wonder if we’ll get something like New Funky Mode revealed later.
I believe the original only gave you two hearts (plus two more if you had a partner), whereas the new footage shows three (up to six total). Looks like they are making it a bit easier
By release, it'll have been over 14 years since the Wii game came out, and for those of us who've only played that version (or only the 3DS one tbh, which is best part of 11 years), that's a more than reasonable time for a remake imo.

Saying that, I really hope DK finds (has already found?) a new home for a full on new entry on the Switch 2. Fully 3D preferably, and I swear Nintendo will have a 15 million plus seller on their hands.

EDIT: Is there some sort of weird motion blur on moving enemies in the trailer? I feel like I can't focus on them, but I may just be losing it.
This is far from the most exciting reveal in the Direct, but I’m still personally pretty dang excited about it!

Funny enough, I’ve been sniffing around on eBay for deals on Returns 3D because I never finished the game on Wii (controls are rough) but I mostly held off because seeing how Returns-themed the DK section of Universal is made me suspect they might be looking to rerelease it on Switch. Glad my patience will pay off… though January is a longer wait than I would’ve expected
This is "New Mode" from the 3DS version. It includes extra health and more items in the shop.
Ah, I did play it on 3DS but must've forgotten about that. Was it optional? Either way, glad to have adjusted difficulty options for newcomers so that more people can get into this fantastic game
hyped to finally have a definitive version of this gem. DKC Returns returns

curious to see who's making this, esp. with Monster Games no longer available and Retro presumably, uh, busy. With it being announced almost exactly a year after Luigi's Mansion 2 (and with both DKCRHD and LM2HD having unusual-for-Nintendo gaps between announcement and release), I kinda wonder if they've got a dedicated team porting/remasetering 3DS games now. Hopefully LM2HD's credits shine some light on that
I only played it once on the 3DS but I remember it being very difficult near the end and hating the controls. I'm excited to play it with a real controller. It's odd that the Switch got these two ports and no original DK. Wii U ports make more sense because nobody outside this forum bought the console. I'm guessing it was just an economical decision to fill the Switch's end-of-life calendar. Hopefully it implies that we'll get new DK in a couple years.
yeah this pretty much kills those rumors about that new 2D Donkey Kong Switch game. Always felt like they came from nowhere.
People saw EAD Tokyo were hiring for 2D developers and didn't think the next 3D Mario game would have some 2D parts or whatever

Glad it's coming though- it's a great game that deserves to be remembered as fondly as Tropical Freeze.
The main reason why I dabble in Wii emulation. People really like Tropical Freeze, and I do to, but I LOVE Returns. It's just so tight, lean and polished. One of the greats.

Should've been a shadowdrop though xD . But I understand they're making a big deal out of it considering the pull DK has.
FYI this is a phenomenal game. Tropical Freeze overshadowed it and the waggle controls were controversial, but it's legit one of the best 2D platformers ever made.
I never finished this on the Wii so this kind of works out for me. I'll grab it for discount later on next year.

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