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TV Doctor Who ST | This Thread Is Bigger On The Inside

I quite liked 73 yards, but it's way too early to do a Doctor lite story with just Ruby. We've had four episodes with her prior, we still barely know her, yet were expected to accept that they've been traveling for months on end now and that she knows enough about the Doctor to know who to contact and how to handle such a situation. It would be similar if Episode 5 of Eccleston was a Rose only episode, which is just insanely early.
Overall, so far, enjoying the new era. It started really rough with the 60th Specials, but the current season is pretty fun and decently produced.

Unrelated to the current showrun, recently bought the Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure boxset which includes the regeneration story of the sixth Doctor.
Really fun boxset, of the four stories, two really are a true highlight and the other two are just kind of there. But that final story is really đź‘Ś
Getting a Doctor-lite story this early is the side effects of 73 Yards and Dot and Bubble being in Production Block 1, the first episodes to be filmed, all the way back in December 2022/January 2023 which happened to overlap with Ncuti filming the final season of Sex Education at the same time. This also suggests a limited appearance in next week's episode too, which just so happens to be Dot and Bubble. The clips we have seen of Dot and Bubble so far suggests that Ruby and The Doctor are only in screens for the whole episode, sort of like Blink back in 2007.
I liked this episode a lot too. They didn't stick the landing but I don't think that detracted from the central concept and creepy vibes

Hopefully they maintain the quality of the last two episodes for the rest of the season!
Just found out a fascinating statistic:
This year's Christmas special (titled 'Joy to the World') is the 312th televised story of Doctor Who, and 156th for Doctor Who since it's 2005 revival. This also means this story will tie modern Doctor Who and classic Doctor Who in story count as Classic Who had 156 televised stories including the 1996 TV movie.
73 Yards I like a lot as long as I don't try to think about the logic of things too much. Why is this happening? Why is that happening? I don't know! But the concept of something you get stuck with that's not enough to kill you, but enough to wreck your current and potential relationships for inexplicable reasons is the sort of horrifying concept that will stick with me longer than a lot of episodes.
The story a bit strange and the ending kinda meh. But I like it a lot. Production, Music, Location wise top, amazing acting and I got a bit melancholic. The episode was really engaging and enjoyable to watch in every minute. Something I didn't feel about anything Doctor Who in a long time tbh. I see the problem about this being somewhat too early in the season, but I can imagine that it will work better when watching the whole thing after all episodes are out. Otherwise I think the Series goes in the right direction again and for me each episode is getting better so far. I'm glad it's not all Space Babies, that episode got me a bit worried at first.
The longer I think about the episode, the less I like it. That ending is just ruining the whole episode for me: It's one thing to not answer every single question or leave things up to interpretation but the ending not noly doesn't explain anything, it actively negates literally everything they did for the last 45 minutes. Unlike Turn Left or even Midnight, where you had Donna/The Doctor make a conscious effort to set things right and still have some payoff, which isn't here at all. That ruins what would've otherwise been a really good episode.

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