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Discussion Do you cook and if you do, what is your specialty?


Marth/Fox is 60/40
I love cooking! My favorite thing to make is breakfast food. Timing is everything in my opinion.

Anyways, how about you?
I cook like a point and click adventure game character. I meander around the kitchen, finding interesting items, and then combine them until something tasty comes out.
At parties and barbecues, I bring my secret recipe for “bag of ice”.

I can mostly follow a recipe, or I’ll google it if I don’t understand the instructions.


Everything I’ve received high marks on is bad for you: pancakes, macaroni and cheese, cookies etc.

I recently made ice cream for the first time. There were three ingredients: heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, and crushed up Hydrox cookies. I didn’t even take out the cream filling. 🤷‍♀️
I do cook, quite a lot! I wouldn't say I have a specialty, I cook a very large variety of cuisines. Maybe Chinese or Mediterranean if I'm forced to pick
Yes, I love cooking, my specialties are stroganoff, hamburgers and breaded chicken
I do the cooking for my household. I'm not especially good at most cooking because I tend to be a linear thinker who operates best with explicit directions; when things don't go perfectly right, I have problems.

That said, I think I'm pretty good on the grill! I grill a mighty fine steak, and my baked potatoes are on point. Not that that's any kind of accomplishment, but it is nice to sometimes prepare tasty cuisine.
Soups, lots of soups. Chicken soup with vegetables like squash, potato, chayote, tomato and corn. That's my specialty, I'd say.
I cook, but it's hard to call anything that I do a "specialty" 😅

I've been trying to improve my finances, but with a full time 8-5 and too many hobbies, I buy food that I can cook in bulk and portion out, so I make a lot of rice, oven-baked chicken thighs, ground turkey in a skillet, frozen vegetables, etc. Then I just season to taste.
I love to cook! I tend to choose meals based on the season, in the winter I do a lot more French stuff and when it starts to warm up I throw all the windows open and smoke the kitchen out doing stir fry in my wok. Looking forward to some smoking projects over the summer as well, beef rib with a salt and pepper rub is my favorite.
I cook in that I need to eat, but a lot of oven heated dishes and basics like pasta and rice. Most complicated dish I make is cooking ground meat for tacos.

Usually my fiance and I swap cooking duties based on schedule. He's currently home more, so haven't cooked in a while.
That said, I think I'm pretty good on the grill!
You're a dad, of course you're good on the grill.

I'm a Grill Dad too. I also love making carrot ginger soup with my immersion blender, and I make a prettayyyy, prettay good chicken parm with a homemade spicy marinara sauce
I can cook when I really want to but often don’t feel up to it or am too lazy, to be honest.

However I am a master of garlic mashed potatoes and make them for every family holiday
I would say grilling. Anything that can be grilled I can do, or at least give it a go. My usual go-tos are Burgers, Brats, and Hot Dogs, and I'll change it up from time to time on how it's done. I've also grilled up chicken a few times, which maintain their juiciness quite well (basting is key), and I've recently done Salmon as well, which was also fantastic.

I've also done a couple of Briskets in the past, both of which were on my charcoal grill, and using the Snake Method, they've turned out pretty damn good. Last year, my Wife and I found a Traeger smoker that a gentleman was selling for cheap on Craigslist. Turns out, he outgrew that one, and upgraded, so it was a win-win for us. Thus far, only used it once for smoked ribs that were a good 6-7hours on there. Using the pellets, plus it maintaining a specific temp range turned out well. Fell right off the bone.

We also recently purchased a propane Griddle (also a Craigslist buy), and have done the usual burgers, and brats on it, which have turned out good, though you do not get the..."Rich, smoky flavor" that comes with charcoal. Sorry, Hank Hill, but Charcoal is better, lump charcoal at that. I do want to make a full breakfast with bacon, eggs, and sausage on the griddle though one of these weeks now that the temps are climbing this spring.

My Wife is the Chef in the Indoor Kitchen, and I'm the Chef in the Outdoor Kitchen.
Steaks are probably the closest thing I have to a specialty. Not the most exciting one, but I’m confident in my cooking in that department.

It’s hard to justify cooking nicer meals when you live alone and have a tiny kitchen.

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