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News Digimon Survive launches July 28th/29th worldwide

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Some more screenshots here
Oh wow, the box art is the last one there! This whole time I figured it’d be that main key art of the kid and Agumon by the window (which I love) but that new art for the box looks amazing too.


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I admit to being a bit worried about the quality of the game and if it can live up to the high expectations it has built. Being delayed so many times to suddenly having a release date so close by seems like a red flag to me. And to come out against XB3 is also unfortunate. The concept of the game is interesting and it's been so long that I do want it to succeed and be a fun game. Here's hoping!


Apparently, Guilmon is a pre-order bonus.

He better be available within the game itself, I swear to god. They can't do my boy dirty like that.


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I hope the writing and story is good. I usually like Digimon games despite the awful writing, but as a VN I don't think I could stomach it just to get to the gameplay.


Release trailer appeared.

I like the atmosphere of the game and how it mixes tactical rpg gameplay with visual novel.

But I can't play it at release. XB3 has priority. At least, I have a good chance to get it at good price.
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