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StarTopic Curb Your Enthusiasm |ST| “Do you respect wood?”

big lantern ghost

After being an off-again, on-again fixture of television for 24 (!) years, Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming to an end with its twelfth season, which premieres February 4th. I thought it would be nice to have a StarTopic to coincide!

No big plans for the OP, really. Larry would want it that way I feel. Instead, here are just a few Curb moments to kick things off:

Don't mind me, just wanted to be the first person to post this:

Missed opportunity to call it Kirb your Enthusiasm, smh.

I have never seen a full episode of CYE, only the YouTube clips. The series is too damn expensive over here and not on any streaming service afaik.
One week away from the premiere! Here's the trailer:

It's unfortunately not showcased in the trailer, but the potential held within Larry David and Dan Levy yelling at each other is sky-high.
I had a lot of fun doing capsule reviews for the last season of Always Sunny, so I thought I’d do the same here:

Season 12, Episode 1 — “Atlanta”
Curb has been fairly sparing with bringing back major characters over its run, so it was extra nice to see Keyla Monterroso Mejia and Tracy Ullman return! The former’s Maria Sofia and the latter’s Irma are both pitch-perfect foils for Larry, so annoying and self-absorbed that they’re totally immune to his social intervention. After a quick recap of how things left off last season (I still wish Young Larry was a real show), it’s business as usual. Trying to get food from a bereaved server. The unwritten rules of calling someone by their nickname. Larry going absolutely ballistic on Siri (a dated joke, but it turns out that a 76-year-old man screaming at his phone is evergreen). When someone tells Larry that he ruined their party, he immediately interjects that he’s ruined every party he’s ever been to. Best of all: Larry, Leon and Maria Sofia get plenty of scenes together, and they are a fantastic trio!

In what I perceived as a sort of equal opposite of the Seinfeld finale, Larry ends this episode arrested for being a good samaritan on his trip in Atlanta — specifically for giving Auntie Rae a bottle of water while she waits in the heat to vote, which is against Georgia law. Lots of threads are established, and most of them feel like they have potential. I was laughing throughout the episode, but LD’s recreation of the Trump mugshot over the credits killed me:


Looking forward to next week.

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