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News Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion announced for Switch/PS4/Steam, Fall 2024



Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion follows three high school friends; Haruka Nanami, Nemu Takanashi, and Maria Hitsugi, as they explore the Amare Est Vivere Hospital, testing a local urban legend as the streamer Nemu seeks to boost her subscriber count. Unfortunately for the three girls, the legend of “Ayame’s Mercy” is true, and they trigger a decades-old curse that sends them into a dark realm. Together they must avoid the vengeful spirit of Ayame Kirishima and other horrors from the hospital’s dark past as they search for a way to dispel Ayame’s curse once and for all.
The cult-classic Japanese horror franchise returns with new characters, a new setting, a terrifying new curse, and a brand-new look allowing for more thrills and chills! Players can freely explore the fully 3D rendered halls of the Amare Est Vivere Hospital in both third- and, for those brave enough to take a closer look, first-person viewpoints as they try to keep the girls alive. This new perspective complements the series’ visual novel-style storytelling, pairing updated visuals with gruesome descriptions and spine-tingling binaural audio accompanied by the original Japanese voiceovers. Featuring six chapters, with eight additional scenarios and plenty of Wrong Ends for players to discover as they uncover the truth behind “Ayame’s Mercy” and escape with their lives, Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion is the perfect entry point for new horror buffs while keeping longtime fans on the edge of their seats.

It comes with a special edition (I assume it applies to the PS4 version):
The title will be sold physically and digitally on Switch. XSEED will release an “Ayame’s Mercy Edition” which includes a copy of the game with reversible cover, a ‘Save Yourself’ LED blue candle styled after the in-game save points, a 64-page artbook filled with behind-the-scenes content, a spooky ‘Ayame’s Mercy’ lenticular art card, an ‘evidence kit’ containing items pulled right out of the game world, and an Amare Est Vivere ‘Medical Kit’ metal outer case. Pricing for the full package is set at $80.
Whoa out of nowhere! It looks great too. I know that series debut in 3D, Blood Drive, wasn't liked well by the fans but I loved it. It was as spooky as its pixel art predecessors.

I think I should get Blood Drive on Switch to do a replay and get ready for the sequel!

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