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News Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition coming June 23rd to PS5, PS4 and Switch


I borrowed this from a friend for PC back in the day. Probably the only point and click game I’ve ever finished. I remember really enjoying it. It captures the atmosphere from the film very well. It’ll be interesting to see how this Switch release turns out.


Piranha Plant
this is actually something I would expect to also drop on Gamepass
Seems weird to just release it on ps and switch (though I'll play it on the switch)


Piranha Plant
Thing is, I am a hardcore point'n'click adventure game player and somehow I haven't found a time to play this game ever. Once I started it. So this is great for me.


Piranha Plant
I still have the old PC version discs, and I'm excited to play the game again on a current console. It's one of the better games in the genre.


Openly likes cuddles
You can buy LRG games from best buy too.
I know, but I'm from the EU so that's not really an option and I just don't want to support LRG anymore honestly after a number of terrible releases and lies about certain products.

k samedi

I'm not sure if the release date was known but the eShop is listing it for 23rd June (9.29 EUR).
Thanks for the heads up and the price is great too. I always wanted to play this game as I feel it has one of the best visions for a cyberpunk setting. It looks better than Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of art direction if you ask me.

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