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Discussion Bill Willingham releases Fables into the public domain, explains why (mainly because DC Comics management are jerks)


Inky Futurist
Here's Bill's full substack post on the matter.

If you don't know Fables, you probably might know it from the Telltale-made spin-off, The Wolf Among Us. Fables is possibly DC's most popular Vertigo title, and has won 14 Eisner Awards. Willingham's politics are, well, questionable, but he writes good stuff.

But apparently behind the scenes DC has been trying to jerk him around for years, ever since the original management of the Vertigo line got replaced. They even tried to sneakily wrest the ownership of the IP away from him. He also believes copyright should expire after 20 years, so this is in line with his personal philosophy on copyright.

But yeah, he's finally had enough, and since he doesn't want to take DC to court over all of this, he decided to just straight up release Fables into the public domain, meaning anyone can use and transform the material for their own purposes, even commercially. I personally don't agree with Willingham's politics, but I totally respect this power move as a creator. I do expect some legal kerfuffling, since DC aren't gonna be happy about this, but this is pretty awesome.
I don't know anything about the author or Fables but this is definitely the kind of radical action we need

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