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News Assassin's Creed Shadows Announced- Coming Nov 15th to PS5, Xbox, PC, and Mac

Pick up "Hideyoshi" by Mary Elizabeth Berry. Hashiba Hideyoshi (later Toyotomi Hideyoshi) was the second unifier of Japan, but started as a peasant that came into Oda Nobunaga's service, and continued to climb the ladder over the course of his career.

This biography not only is a great thing to cover his life, but it also gives insight to the likes of Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu and the dynamics of the period.
Thank you very much!

Oh the game is online only.


I just saw that, now I'm out lol. Always online in a single player game is never justifiable.
Oh, I thought it was released with RE games last year. The point still stands though, Ubisoft will go for most recent game for the successor launch day.
They should as it would benefit everyone, but I expect them to start with Origins.
4 minute trailer featuring random scenes with characters I don't know and zero gameplay. Just what I like to see!
The trailer was really well made. I doubt I'll pick this up anytime around launch, but the different protagonists (moreso than Evie and Jacob or Bayek and Aya) and recitation of the creed make me much more interested in Shadows than any AC post AC3 (apart from Origins). Fingers crossed that the main story and missions are engaging.
I'm a huge fan of the expansive worlds of Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla but hated how small and restrictive Mirage felt (Understandably, I was not the target audience, and it evolved from DLC). Here's hoping for another immersive world set in feudal Japan! Can it top GoT and RoR, which were both super fun games...
I am actually very excited for this, the other two samurai games in recent history have massive issues culturally and politically. This one actually has an awesome setup.
Same. I bought that at launch. One of the biggest disappointments I can ever remember.
I liked AC3 on Wii U. XBox/PS versions had terrible tearing, I could not stand. Wii U version had vsync and played really well.

If the Switch2 is a good port I am interested.
I wonder how this will connect the dots in the series, there is a missing link between Revelations and Black Flag. Not much is known about the order between 1511, the year Ezio returned to Italy and 1715, when Edward assumes assassin job from a dying assassin he met. Could be an independent story just like Chronicles games but I doubt that, as all mainline AC games since the first one have been connected.

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