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Discussion Are you still playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


Marth/Falco is 60/40
I still play daily. I’d say since I bought it in July of 2020, I’ve only gone a total of maybe 20-30 days without playing it at least once a day.

A big chunk of that was when TotK came out and I put about 100 hours in that in the first week.

Aside from that, I still play ACNH every day. I’ve had my core group of 10 villagers on there for about a year and half. I still enjoy checking on them and I’m still working to finish the museum.

How about you? Still playing? Not as much? Check in once in awhile? Why? Why not?

Also, just curious, if you feel like sharing, who’s some of your favorite and least favorite villagers?
I played it daily for one year then dropped it like a ton of bricks. I returned to play the home designer expansion and I've stopped since the start of 2022. I play from time to time because my daughter loves to hear the animals speak.
I used to play Animal Crossing games back when I was younger, but don’t have enough time to play it nowadays.
I been playing it every day since launch.

I tend spend 10-15mins each day playing it. Super casual right now of just checking in on things. No long plays like I used to do during the first couple of years.

Though, every few months, I do end up with 1-2 hour play session. That usually happens when I think of a new design for a room.

I'll most likely end up dropping it soon. As with other Animal Crossing games, I'll play them for a good 3-4 years before I move on.
Yeah, from time to time. I started playing occasionally after I finally snagged the The Roost Collection cups.

The challenge at this point for me is itself finding a challenge that I want to undertake. New Horizons (and honestly to a lesser extent New Leaf) are like having a model railroad: when you've finished the project you're done with the hobby. I'd like to get into totally reimagining my island but I prefer a vanilla aesthetic so a lot of the exterior decorating doesn't appeal to me.

At this point I'm more inclined to pick up a Minecraft project, either in modded creative or in my friends' Realm.
Not anymore, but I was still checking in daily up until around April. That was when I finally completed everything in the museum, which like a good enough note to "end" things on

I'll probably pop in here and there in the future for some nostalgic wandering around, like I sometimes do with New Leaf and Wild World, but otherwise I think I'm good on Animal Crossing until the next game
No. My wife and I made it about a year. Once we finished paying off everything and saw all of the holiday stuff at least once we kind of lost interest.
Nah. In its first year booted the game up in each season to collect bugs, fish etc. When I completed the museum and much of the furniture I consider the game done. But this time it was too boring as it was the 5th time I was doing the same exact stuff but without some of my favorite furnitures...

I pray that the next game is kind of a revolution in the series...
No. It’s the most disappointing first party effort this generation for me. My bare minimum expectation of “like new leaf but better” somehow wasn’t even met.
Yeah, a lesser New Leaf about sums it up. Being able to more fully decorate outside was promising at first, but I felt like I didn't have enough room to do much and so many items I liked from New Leaf simply didn't exist even after the huge update. Felt like half the time I had a cool idea for something, I would immediately find out the items required from past games weren't there and would never be added, so I just stopped caring.
The challenge at this point for me is itself finding a challenge that I want to undertake. New Horizons (and honestly to a lesser extent New Leaf) are like having a model railroad: when you've finished the project you're done with the hobby. I'd like to get into totally reimagining my island but I prefer a vanilla aesthetic so a lot of the exterior decorating doesn't appeal to me.
This really sums up how I ended up feeling about it.

Played it a decent amount the first month or so with friends, then dropped off because there weren't any goals left that the game set for me, and I couldn't really think of my own goals that sounded like fun and not just busywork.

I did end up finding a neat goal though, which was designing a series of Monster Hunter themed outfits, and I booted the game back up for that a couple times when I had new ideas for it. I'm still really happy with those! Haven't played it since the last time I made one though, which I think was over a year ago now.

I drifted away and I can’t go back because my animals will be mad at me.
They don't even really get mad anymore!! A couple say they missed you while you were gone, but somehow the super mild reaction feels even more frustrating than if they had gotten mad.
Yes. I'm still trying to connect to a friend to play online from 2020 and the dodos are taking too long.
No, I got bored of it and just found myself missing a lot of the vibe/feelings from New Leaf (although with the variety). Once I "built" my town the way I wanted to I was basically done with the game.
life takes up too much time, especially since i'm deciding to focus more and more on what used to be a hobby in the hopes of making it profitable.
Nope. I want to, but there's no reason to even bother sadly. Villagers say the same stuff, nothing interesting to do.

I'll never get over hearing "the first and final expansion" tbh.
Yes, daily. I’ve remade three times. This will be my last though as I’m nearing 1000 hours.

My fave is Punchy but I’ve never gotten him. I just remember him from New Leaf.
Nope, I really felt the lack of mini-games and in-game events after the first year and a half. That and what felt like a simplification of the neighbor AI and interactivity, despite a lot of QOL improvements.

I’m sure I’ll jump in again to check out gyroids and some holidays when I have more free time…
No but that's okay. I played it for over 200 hours. I got my money's worth a long time ago. Great game.
I'm the opposite to many folks here. Loved New Horizons, decorating my town, spent far more time with it than New Leaf.
Right now, I just show up on New Years Eve and watch the countdown with my neighbors.
Nope, new horizons didn’t “click” with me like new leaf and GC game done. I don’t know why, it wasn’t “magic” anymore. My daughter and my wife still play instead 😄
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I wish I were because it is such a cozy game, but after I had seen most furniture, clothes, events and whatnot I couldn't bring myself to keep playing. The DLC made me play for a while longer but after that was finished I never returned.

Still my most played Switch game if we look at raw hours played.
I fell off hard after 300 hours or so. I felt like I had really bad rng, getting all the same items over and over again. This kind of ruined the "decorate your whole island" idea for me.
It's ok if finding all items from one line takes a while... but it got ridiculous after some time.
Plus the online. I heard Aya Kyogoku say Animal Crossing is a communication medium to them (the makers), do they know that the internet is for communicating, too? Baffling, how they implemented such an outdated, slow, boring online mode...
I played a lot in the first year, then occasionally, then a bit more after HHP released and then I quit.

Still haven't completed the art museum yet. It is pretty annoying how difficult that is without online trading and time jumps.

I would want to start a new island, but with all my items (or at least unlocked for the shop). There should be an easy option to reset the island without loosing all progress.
Yep, I play every day, even if just for ten or fifteen minutes. I'm still finding new things at Nook's Cranny and there are several villagers I'd like to add to my island, particularly the new ones.

I'm at 1,900 hours played and don't really see myself abandoning it until the next iteration.
I had played around 120h and after that I think that was enough for me personally. Most I did in an Animal Crossing game, my partner has discovered the game recently and is very much into it right now, so it is being played daily.

Perhaps if I had it digitally I would have played it more.
I played it for hundreds of hours, I had my fill.

I'd like to start a new island but I also don't want to wipe out my existing one and there's literally no way to do so without outright buying a new switch. Absolutely unacceptable design and I don't know how Nintendo let it ship like that
I basically haven’t played in over a year, basically since my son was born. At some point the loop just got too repetitive and I had enough work dealing with my career and family in the real world to spend too much time doing the everyday routine in a virtual one.
I don't think I've played it since 2020. It was my first AC and it was a fun distraction during the pandemic, put in about 60 hours (which is a lot for me). I keep meaning to go back for the DLC since I have it for free through NSO.
Not anymore, no. I was really into it for two, maybe three months or so, but then I reached a point where I was kind of happy with where my island was and... just fell off. I did come back once or twice to check out events, but haven't done that either in a long, long time.
I played it a lot at launch and feel like I had my fill. Maybe one day I'll go back but I'm just as likely to wait for the next game at this point.
Not since 25 minutes ago.

It's mush season and the maple leaves just started. Turkey Day is soon, which may actually be my favourite event. Making the meals with Franklin while all the villagers are eagerly gathered round the plaza is the best.
No. ACNH is a bunch of checklists instead of a day-to-day lifesim. No meaningful interaction with characters, nothing to uncover, no friendships to build, no change in dialogue, meaningless events (just big holidays), hardly minigames, hardly any 'tasks' for to do for villagers, no background info.
ACNH is really a shell of what an AC can be.
I just started playing in late august and I've already put in 270 hours. I get why people were disappointed at launch but it's very much a complete game now. I will say that my only previous experience with the series is maybe 60 hours in New Leaf, mostly spent on Tortimer's Island so I don't really know how it compares to the other games, but I can't imagine an AC experience without outdoors decorating and a robust online component that would keep my attention for too long. Back when I was a kid I was big on Club Penguin and Habbo and this almost feels like a Nintendo version of it to me.
Nope. too much loadings, too much friction for EVERY singlke thing in the game.

I hope they get their online sorted out with next gen but I know I'll be disappointed.
The issue with ACNH and AC in general, is that the longer you stop playing it, the harder it is to come back. Like, if I don’t play it for a few months, I’m panicking over how full my mailbox would be, how much weed there would be, who has moved, etc, and if I don’t play it for, like, even longer, it’s even less appealing to return.
I stopped playing a while ago. I think I'd play it again if initial loading wasn't that long, since I don't wanna wait for like 2 minutes for the game to load to then play 10 minutes.
I’ve stopped playing daily but I still think about Animal Crossing New Horizons at least once a day.
I wish I was! Unfortunately there’s still no option to change your character’s name beyond the limited nickname system, and the joy and comfort I used to get from playing evaporates when I’m being deadnamed by every time I need to interact with a special character. :(

I know I could start a new island, but I put so, so much work into the one I built up since 2020, and silly as it is, the idea of wiping all of that away is really hard to go through with!
I didn't play anymore after my character fixed their hair from sleeping too long. I wanted to live the true homeless experience.

My wife was gonna be the mayor, and I was just gonna be the person who lived in the woods.
Every once in a while, but mostly for doing a few houses in Happy Home Designer. That really was a fantastic DLC.

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