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Discussion Anyone else playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time with Master Collection?


Ah, yeah! This is Grantenin'!
I ended up getting it on Switch despite the entire internet shouting "no, get it on any other platform" — I just like having things on Switch, sue me. And after being able to compare the differences, I felt like the dipped framerate, while unfortunate for online arguments, made no real difference toward my enjoyment.

Anyway, I'm approaching halfway through Metal Gear Solid 2 and thoroughly loved playing MGS for the first time, in a combination of handheld and docked.

These games are very idiosyncratic and strange. I think I knew that, more or less, going in — but I wasn't prepared for just how deliriously absurd these games get sometimes. I'm aware more of it is coming as I play to the end of MGS2, as well.

It's also had the by-product of making me enjoy playing Snake more in Smash Ultimate, too.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else picked up the collection and was enjoying these games for the first time or on a revisit?
As a Nintendo-only gamer who missed Twin Snakes and has only played a bit of Snake Eater 3D, yeah, this’ll pretty much be my first time truly playing the series. Whenever I get around to it, that is, lol. I got Master Collection Vol. 1 but I haven’t actually played it yet ‘cause I’ve been busy with other games. Plus it’s not a super high priority for me because Metal Gear never really appealed to me anyway, and I’m pretty much only wanting to play the series at all because of Smash Bros., lol.
the first five games (Metal Gear 1->Metal Gear Solid 3) are excellent, hope you guys enjoy!
My issue with the Switch release is moreso that it seems like certain audio prompts have been cut out (like Colonel saying "press the action button") because they seem to think it will confuse players? Or something? It's not clear to me. This isn't the case with other versions.

Metal Gear Solid is my favorite game of all time and I'm a big fan of the series, but if I do get these on Switch it'll be at a deep discount. I also replayed MGS1 earlier this year, so I'm not really rushing to replay it again so soon. But hopefully we get MGS4 somehow because that's been trapped on the PS3 for 15 years.
I wish the Master Collection wasn't as lazy as it was in general but it definitely gets the job done in introducing the games to a new audience. Particularly I'm excited at the possibility of MGS4 having a re-release with a Master Collection 2, and seeing it on the Switch would be kind of mind-blowing.

Let us know how your journey continues on at the end of 2 and on to 3! Earn those codenames!
I’ll pick it up on Xbox, but it’ll be my first time too. One of the biggest holes in my historical backlog, for lack of a better term. Excited to finally see why Kojima is so revered.
Wouldn't be my first time with them- as I grew up with each release- but absurd is exactly how I'd describe them, in a Saturday morning cartoons kind of way.

I'll continue to ignore MGS2 until the second coming, but MGS1 and 3 are such a unique jam of unequivocal greatness I'll buy them on whatever platform I can usually find them.

The bilinear filter in this MGS1 release is a fucking front against decency and honor everywhere, and someone at KONAMI requires an exorcism for releasing such garbage.
It won't be my first time playing them until they re-release IV in the second collection. Though if I get Vol. 1, it would be my first time playing MGS1 legally.

Off topic but I keep wanting to get this game on PC sometime but then I look it up and something is also wrong on PC and I forget immediately after, is there something wrong with the versions other than the Switch version?
Off topic but I keep wanting to get this game on PC sometime but then I look it up and something is also wrong on PC and I forget immediately after, is there something wrong with the versions other than the Switch version?
There is a list of quirks, introduced oddities, and omissions for each of the MGS games on PC- some of these errors are being cleaned up by a community that clearly cares more than the janitors at KONAMI in charge of the release code- yes I'm very salty about the lack of analog controls in MGS1 and the bizarre-o world lack-of-rendering options for MGS3.
I am very jealous of anyone who gets to play this series for the first time. You are in for a treat.
It’s cool to see people playing these for the first time! I love MGS. I usually play 2&3 on Xbox BC, but wound up getting MGS3 on Switch just because I like it so much. It’s not so bad! At least in handheld, where I’m playing.

Anyway, I'm approaching halfway through Metal Gear Solid 2
😂 Very interested to hear your thoughts when you hit the credits.
I have a question: You can download a Japanese language pack for MGS. Is the whole game in Japanese then or can you just set the voices to Japanese, but have English texts still?
You are not just downloading a language pack. This is the complete japanese game.

I am not 100 % sure. But i think MGS 1 Integral is the only Metal Gear game in japanese with english subtitles.
Once I get around to it, yes. Purchased it on sale last week for $40 for Xbox. I want to play one and two but will skip 3 and just wait for the remake.
Heads up for those who might have been frustrated back then by MGS2's "twist" that you actually don't play Snake :

Give MGS2 a second chance now that you're older ! It's basically MGS1 but much more refined, gameplay wise.

And the plot is incredible, the climax is creepy as hell in its 4th wall breaking, and it's just a beautiful game. It definitely stands equal along 1 and 3 (And 5 but that's another debate lol), give it another chance !

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