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News a new official Rugrats game is in development for the NES(!), "Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland"

Krvavi Abadas

Mr. Archivist

an odd case, as the trailer is vague on if it's an actual NES game or merely inspired by the system (with a "modern" graphical mode also tacked on) but the publisher eventually clarified it really is one.

this continues the trend of random licenses getting new retro games made on older consoles, such as the recent Garbage Pail Kids game. and that random Jay & Silent Bob game (the team of which is also making this Rugrats game)
That is one of the most adorable teaser/trailer for any video game I have seen, can't wait!
I see they're going for the "late era NES licensed game based on a kid's show from the early 90's" vibe. I guess in that regard this isn't totally ahistorical (Capcom and Konami released some late titles on that platform!) but given how this show ran throughout the 90s and early 2000s, I almost would have expected an SNES or Genesis game from the property, kinda like its contemporary Ren & Stimpy.

Still, "late era NES" does mean that this is a pretty nice looking NES game. Lots of SMB2 USA vibes with the different characters/stats and the pick up/throw mechanics. The premise of the babies imagining they're in a video game is also really charming and feels like something right out of the show. I will say that the HD art looks...a little off putting? Tommy looks very vacant, and the play screen seems zoomed in a bit to compensate for the wide screen, which would be a shame. I hope they can iron out those kinks because the NES portion looks quite nice.
I played this today in LRG stand, and I honestly thought it was a licensed game from the original nes time, then did the math when the show was airing and was really confused lol
The more devs go back and make games for older systems, the more I just want new-old consoles. You can't tell me a new limited edition SNES with HDMI out that works with all your old SNES games and peripherals wouldn't sell like crazy. Reprint the games which are easy to license, make new controllers and coincidentally the retro market inflation problem gets a little bit better. I know people would just covet "authentic" or "original" SNES hardware and games, but it would certainly help with prices to an extent if you could get a new version of Earthbound for SNES for example.
SNES style would've been more appropriate considering that's when this show was at peak popularity, but it still looks really fun.
What a charm, looks like it perfectly captures the Rugrats art style.

Rugrats in Paris on N64 was a game played the heck out of when I was a kid, really hope that gets ported/NSO’d someday
launching next month, demo out now New
Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland, a retro-inspired puzzle-platforming adventure based on the beloved ‘90s Nickelodeon franchise, developed independently through a collaboration between The Media Indie Exchange Games (The MIX Games), WALLRIDE and Limited Run Games, debuts its first public demo during Steam Next Fest. The classic cartoon adventure will launch across PCs via Steam, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in March 2024. The MIX Games will also offer a special NES edition through its partnership with Limited Run.
curious if the demo includes an actual ROM, or if it only contains the “remaster” mode.

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