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Deals 31 of the scariest (e)books ever made are currently $18 on Humble.

that's right, it's Goosebumps. the same book series that inspired a pair of classic PC adventure games.
these are all completely cross-platform and DRM-free, because Humble can't get away with removing that functionality like they could with video games.

they can, however. get away with region-locking the bundle. as such it's only purchasable in the USA.

Watched a video series that went through the books monthly and it was shocking how poorly written, thought out, and unscary 99% of the books are.
That’s a great deal! But those aren’t the scariest books ever. The scariest book ever is House of Leaves.
Oh scary! A blue word and a poorly designed housing layout!

jk I fuggin love this book

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