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Sports 2024 European Football Championship (14 June - 14 July)

Which "big" teams will fumble the group stage and fail to advance to the knockout stage this time?

  • France in Group D (Poland, Netherlands, Austria)

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  • Portugal in Group F (Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic)

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You can have DePay, Gakpo, Simons and Malen all up front, and then it's the stiff that nets is again. I don't know how he keeps doing it but I respect it.
As an old, it will never not be bewildering to see an actually good England side with technically proficient players, instead of their yeet and stampede tactics of old.
Saka brilliant, Bellingham immense.
Foden terrible, get him off asap.

I have a bad feeling Foden will be one of those players who's brilliant for his club but just can't really make his mark on the international stage.

Early days still, but all our threat came from the right. Luke Shaw coming back might make the left side less clunky, but we'll see.

Great first 30 mins. The following 60 was sloppy but at least we won.

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