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News “Ride Kamens” has been announced for iOS/Android (Kamen Rider is now a reploid)

Krvavi Abadas

Mr. Archivist

oh no he’s hot
The game has a decent amount of good talent involved, such as Yuya Takahashi (writer for the two game themed Rider series, Ex-Aid and Geats) and Hiroko Utsumi (animation director for Sk8 the Infinity, a series appropriately filled with attractive Anime men)

what’s been shown so far is just a teaser image, the full reveal is planned for February 9th.
yes, it’s an Otome game. New

The story is set in ``Nigoo City'', a city where nature and civilization are in harmony.
In this city, an evil secret society called ``Chaosism'' is operating behind the scenes.

One day, the protagonist learns of the existence of a Kamen Rider who has lost his true memories due to Chaosism's human body modification.

The main character (you), who inherited the role of “agent'' supporting the Kamen Riders from his late father, changes his “”predetermined destiny'' with 16 Kamen Riders who are all different in age, occupation, beliefs, and full of individuality. and get caught up in the battle to restore their memories!

for the record, targeting fujoshi is nothing new to the series. Kuuga rather famously created a popular term known as the “Odagiri Effect” after the series gained a large number of female viewers who found the protagonist attractive.
they just haven’t been this blatant about before.

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