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News “Give Me Toilet Paper,” a video game where you put a Joy-Con in a roll of toilet paper and roll it around, is available now.


Fresh Eater
Give Me Toilet Paper is a game where the player shoves a Joy-Con into a roll of toilet paper and then rolls that TP roll around on a board in order to clear the levels and provide toilet paper to a fellow in need.

Video games are unquestionably art.

It’s easy to look at this and think it’s silly or whatever but I genuinely think this is brilliant. It’s so creative and inventive. It’s also 5 US Dollars.
This actually looks worth checking out unlike the random hentai garbage on the eshop like yesterday.
hell yeah

reminds me of Let's Tap from back on the Wii which used a box as the controller


Evidence that the joy-cons did not have wasted potential
Alright. I watched the "How To Make A Toilet Paper Controller" video on the game's eShop page and could not leave without buying it. I found a board and I just bought toilet paper today. Legitimately excited
WarioWare team absolutely shook they didn’t do this first
WarioWare T.P.

edit: wait no think bigger

WarioWare Stick-it - featuring mini games where you stick joy-con onto/into unexpected places featuring a toilet paper roll, a dog harness, the front left tire of your vehicle, an electric mixer, an office chair

basically IRL object labo

edit 2: please no one make it weird lol
I wish there were more games that would try out quirky things. I like experimental games, but most of them go to much in an arts game direction for me (like "Kids") or are more like applied/serious games.
Okay I’m a handful of stages in

This game needs to be at Games Done Quick
It’s a shame that the game presents itself as shovelware, because that’s a genuinely creative use of the Joy-cons. It’s like the kind of thing that would’ve happily have ended up in a traditional Wario Ware title as an unlockable minigame if Nintendo had come up with the idea.
Imagine if this game had come out in 2020 when toilet paper was impossible to find in stores.

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